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This is a story that happened a few years ago when I was 22, wanted to Philip, who was a year younger than me. Graham Philip lived with his mother and stepfather, from the first time I visited the house I dressed instanly Graham Philips. through the mouth, I began to make a stop at Philips home more and more. Our sex life was normal, but certainly not to my apartment Felipe world on fire in the bedroom! I was fantasizing about her stepfather Graham. is also try to encourage each oppurtuinity Graham leaving the bathroom door open and called for towels, if I met him in the house, but Graham did not even look at my tits. I wanted to go ahead and dump phil, when one night I heard Graham massive argument with his wife, was the next morning, Phil went to work when I made my way down in my nightgown set. Graham was sitting in the chair and the bottom, as he told me that his wife had disappeared. I approached him and console stationsrts shoulder massage hands move on the firm chest, then climb back up from 8teenxxx time to time in the chest Ford was still standing behind him. , suddenly took my arm and led me to change into his lap and kissed me hard slid his tongue down my throat. then he went and said, asked for identification mounths. I know I have, I replied, but that's all I want 8teenxxx is this? I said, No, I know what he wants, he said, and so for me even harder to kiss while his hands found my tits started under my nightgown scarce. He took my nipples hard for me to breathe 8teenxxx harder than the feeling was incredible, as their fingers moved tweek my nipples sensitive and my breathing and makes my pussy drip, even to kiss then his hand fell on my Tanga porches pussy wanted for himself there and then the fingers on the chair where he sat every night.. Suddenly the finger found my clit and orgasms on the spot. a shockgainst him, as my orgasm began to sink felt her fingers enter my God, it felt wonderful and I screamed with delight. as mind blowing finger fucking orgasm I could feel my juices running ass. Then he rose and took his 8teenxxx pants told me he would have the courage to fuck me and give me hell OFV of my life. His cock was better than I had imagined, and after taking, but he pushed my hand, then he threw me the strap of my body and threw it on the floor that made ​​me gasp. as 8teenxxx he took me in his chair and pulled my legs over his shoulders I felt wonderful dick soaking my entrance and pushed against my clitoris, which pushed me to do was what I had hoped and tried many mounths . Yeah, you know, now I just screamed fuck is declared to you. that put his cock inside me and I screamed as another orgasm came, he fucked me like never before fucked, she told me how much he loved his cockI. He turned to me and took my dog and then had the ass the first time I've had a dick, it hurts like hell, but it felt like the best feeling ever since I came over and in the queue again. 8teenxxx Finally, he went out and made me swallow his cum I've been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. A From this day that we took when we never had the chance, I hated the fact that I had to close 8teenxxx the fucking Philip Graham. Graham used to tease me saying that I heard last night took me an orgasm while Philip, but Philip knew the truth he is not made ​​me come. that sentence Graham and he knew it. Finally, I and Felipe Dritan apart and Graham 's wife returned to him. but we still have the occasional fuck session in his car. , but ill never forget Graham, and remains the best fuck I ever had, and 8teenxxx all thanks 8teenxxx to one of my first phil love to make it happen.
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